University Forum for Human Resource Development

Welcome to the University Forum for Human Resource Development. The UFHRD is an international association for universities, reflective practitioners, and learning oriented organisations. The Forum’s mission is to create, develop and inform leading–edge HRD theories and practices by promoting professionally-focused qualifications, co-operative research initiatives, consultancy interventions. It seeks to promote wide discussion and debate about human resource development from a range of perspectives: individual, group and organisational. Elsewhere on the web site there is information about membership, our work within the fields of HRD research and practice and various links to partner bodies and sources of information news and events.

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Forum Highlights

UFHRD Newsletter No 2, 2015

Award Winners 2015

Professor Sharon Mavin – new Chair of Forum

UFHRD Research Honorarium: Evaluation Report

Reflective Practice: Forum members win BAM research grants

HR Research team from Coventry University win IFTDO/UFHRD research monies to investigate variation in HRD professional practice worldwide

Publications by Forum members:

  • Carbery, R. and Cross, C. Human Resource Development: A Concise Introduction, Palgrave Macmillan
  • Routledge Companion to HRD edited by Rob Poell, Tonette Rocco and Gene Roth
  • Human Resource Development: Practices and Orthodoxies (Valentin and Walton, eds)