2017 Critical Approaches to HRD

Brantmeier, N.K.
Diversifying Engaged Student Learning in HRD: A Project-Based Case Study with an Indigenous Community Development Organization
Dimitrov, D.Y.
Perceptions of Hospitality and Tourism Academics About the Neo-liberal Values in Their Workplaces
Dimitrov, D.Y.
The Case of a Non-profit Christian Organization and its Employees’ Perceptions About the Humane Organization
Eversole, B. & Tomé, E.
Periodic Table of HRD
Gedro, J.
The Role of Digital Fluency in Career Development: A Crucial Imperative for Human Resource Development
Harrison, P.
Gaining and Legitimising power by the precariat in a precariat world – A story of the Roma in Liverpool
Hay, A. & Samra-Fredericks, D.
Bringing the heart and soul back in: Collaborative Inquiry and the Professional Doctorate
Kuchinke, KP.
HRD and Virtue Ethics: Implications for Theory and Practice
Li, J. et al.
Developing a Multidimensional Work Ethic Profile to Measure Chinese People’s Post-Reform Work Related Values and Attitudes
Mingzheng, X. & Man, Z.
A Quantitative Study on the Content of Professional Ethics of Civil Servants
Posthuma, R. et al.
A Risk Management Model for Research on Expatriates in Hostile Work Environments
Seo, Y.N.
Should management investigate internal workplace bullying? Agent effect on the victim rates
Warhurst, R. & Black, K.
The Strange Case of HRD: Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde
Zádori, I., Sebők, M., & Nemeskéri, Z.
Sustainability and HRD in Public Services

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