2017 Global, Comparative and Cross Cultural Dimension of HRD

Bartlett, K.
Revisiting Indigenous Perspectives from Aotearoa New Zealand: Māori Insights for Global HRD
Bobade, A.P. & Naik, K.R.
Indian Culture and Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the BPO Agents
Crocco, O.S.
Community-Based Enterprise in Myanmar: An Exploratory Pilot Study
Cseh, M. & Crocco, O.S.
Global stewardship: The role of human resource development in fostering openness to the other
Garavan, T., Wang, J., et al.
National Human Resource Development: A Review and Research Agenda
Hurst, R.
Organizational Culture in Cross-border Acquisitions: Convergence, Crossvergence, or Acculturation?
Lucas, A.C., Bittencourt, J.P., Gerdau, C.C. et al.
Focus on “Demi-Gods” or “We’re All One Team”: Talent Management in a Collectivist Culture
Makarem, Y. & Wang, J.
National Human Resource Development in Lebanon
Miś, A.
Career management in Polish organizations developing activity. Recognizing system elements.
Polesello, D.
Toward a Conceptual Framework for Corporate Expatriate Career Development
Purgal-Popiela, J.
Learning through a short-term stay abroad – a preliminary analysis of Polish assignees’ experience
Ridgway, M.
The Influence of Demographic Differences When Considering Overseas Employment
Rohmetra, N., Singh, A., & Bhat, T.
Entrepreneurial Culture and Resultant Mindset: A Case Study of Students in Professional Courses in India
Sheehan, M.
Exploring the nexus between High Performance Work Practices (HPWPs) and theories of return migration intentions: Initial Findings from a Pilot post-Brexit Study
Tsybova, V.S., Zavyalova, E.K. & Kucherovm D.G.
HRD practices in Russian IT companies
Uhler, J.L. & Cieniewicz, A.G.
What in the world? Applying cross-cultural experiential learning to the workplace
Xie, L.
Higher education’s role in NHRD: A comparison of higher education systems between China and Singapore
You, K
A Subsequent Research on Korean Sojourners’ Repatriation In Higher Education or Research Oriented Sectors

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