Human Resource development International

HRDIHuman Resource Development International is published in association with AHRD and UFHRD. The journal promotes all aspects of practice and research that explore issues of individual, group and organisational learning and performance. HRDI is committed to questioning the divide between practice and theory; between the practitioner and the academic; and between traditional and experimental methodological approaches.

HRDI is committed to a wide understanding of ‘organisation’ – one that extends through self-managed teams, voluntary work, or family businesses to global enterprises and bureaucracies. HRDI also commits itself to exploring the development of organisations and the life-long learning of people and their collectivity (organisation), their strategy and their policy, from all parts of the world. In this way Human Resource Development International will become a leading forum for debate and exploration of the interdisciplinary field of human resource development.

Peer Review Policy – All articles in the peer-reviewed section have undergone anonymous double-blind review. All other articles have undergone strict editorial screening.

HRDI was accepted for inclusion in Scopus database in 2016 and has been listed by EASCI. Both of these are a great achievement and extremely good news for the journal. Scopus is the world’s largest abstract and citation database and is important for scholars in many countries. ESCI is also significant. Articles in ESCI-indexed journals are included in authors’ H-index calculation. HRDI is fully discoverable via the Web of Science improving the visibility of the journal, and providing an independent mark of quality.

The International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy & Research

Journal-3IJHRDPPR is a new peer-reviewed journal which seeks to bring together international practitioner and academic expertise to promote and support the understanding and practice of Human Resource Development. The journal is sponsored by a partnership between the International Federation of Training & Development Organisations (IFTDO) and the University Forum for Human Resource Development (UFHRD).

IJHRDPPR seeks to approach this challenge from first and foremost a practice perspective. It is a practice centered journal which nonetheless provides the opportunity to synergise practice with theory to develop further insights to inform both disciplines. It offers the critically reflective professional practitioner insight, ideas and understanding on the contemporary issues and challenges facing HRD, its impact and influence.

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