HRD Research


The UHRD believes that active participation in research involving practitioners and members of the research community is vital to developing and disseminating good practice in HRD to meet the needs of organisations and individuals. The Forum believes that effective HRD research will both derive from, and support, partnerships between researchers and practitioners, professional bodies, funders, and organisations in the corporate voluntary/community and public sectors.

The Research Honorarium

The University Forum for Human Resource Development funds a Research Honoraria. The Honoraria exist to contribute to the mission of the UFHRD which is to create, develop and inform leading edge HRD theory and practices through professionally focused qualifications, co-operative research initiatives and consultancy interventions. Honorarium projects can address:

  • theory building / conceptual development; definition and development of HRD as a distinct academic discipline; conceptual frameworks
  • issues, tensions or problems in the theory / practice of HRD
  • understanding of creative or innovative practice in HRD – perhaps through the development of a pilot research project

The award can be made to individuals or teams in institutions that are members of the UFHRD. Lecturers, researchers and postgraduates are all encouraged to apply, although in the case of the latter, proposals will not be accepted which simply seek financial assistance to complete Masters or PhD work. An important goal of the Honorarium is to help broaden participation in HRD research activity. Normally, therefore, the applicant should no be the holder of an ongoing honorarium. Each award is normally capped at a maximum of £100

Call for proposals for 2018 – now closed

Criteria for applications and procedure: ALAN MOON MEMORIAL PRIZE

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