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As a subject, a discipline, HRD has seen a burgeoning literature develop in the last 20 years. Yet, despite this wide-ranging literature on the subject of HRD and its growing prominence as a field of study there is limited published research into the teaching and learning of HRD (Holden & Griggs, 2010, p 706)
An interest in teaching and learning is of fundamental importance to the Forum. Conceptually, human resource development and learning are in many respects indistinguishable. At its heart HRD is about lifelong learning. This part of the web site takes up the challenge both in terms of research and practice.
UK HRD Programmes
As part of a research project funded by the UFHRD Programme and Qualifications Committee, the research team undertook a mapping of HRD programme provision in UK Higher Education Institutions. An output from the project has been a database of UK based HRD programmes.
Please note that:
  • The listing is of postgraduate (only) programmes in HRD at UK Higher Education Institutions. Entries in bold denote institutions that are current UFHRD members (as reported to UFHRD AGM June 2015).
  • ‘Programmes in HRD’ has been interpreted to include programmes that have HRD in their title; programmes that include HRD components (e.g. pathways or modules); and programmes in the broad field of HRD (such as coaching, leadership, organisation development but not, for example, sports coaching, organisational behaviour or occupation/organisational psychology).
  • Programme information is taken from programme web pages as listed and was correct to the best of our knowledge at 2nd – 6th July 2015. UFHRD accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies in or omissions from this database.
  • Information about CIPD-accredited programmes from non-HEI providers is available from the CIPD’s `Qualification finder’,
The Programme and Qualifications Committee aims to update the database periodically.
Click to access dataset of UK programmes, 2015



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